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Kims Dolls Bacall and KimsDolls Bogie of RomanticRags

our wonderful foundation pair


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We  are an in home cattery located in Hanson, Massachusetts. We are registerd with TICA, CFF, and currently show our cats in CFF. Our whole family is involved with the cats and kittens,  from caring for them, to the socialization process of the newborns.

We breed for health first, then temperment, and everything follows those two. As a testament to the temperment, Bogie and Bacall's boy Brimley  is now a therapy pet.. He visits schools and nursing homes to show what a ragdoll is all about. He loves "ragdolling" everyone he meets.

Some of our brags:

 Ch. RomanticRags Melody of FossMtn 

                TICA NE Region - No. 1  Seal lynxpoint ragdoll 2004 -2005

               TICA - National - No. 3 Seal lynxpoint ragdoll  2004-2005

 Ch. FossMtn Lana Turner of RomanticRags -

           2005-2006 CFF Parade of Perfection - No 2. Blue CP Ragdoll

Ch. RomanticRags Mercury of Galactic

          2006-2007 CFF - No 3 Ragdoll Kitten and 16th Best Kitten

Db. Ch.RomanticRags Sage of Cameodolls

       2006-2007 - No. 2 Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll - TICA NE Region

Ch. CameoDolls  I Love Lucy of RomanticRags

No. 1 Red Mitted Ragdoll in CFF - 2006-2007


Please donate to the Winn Feline Foundation - for the health and well being of all cats




We have  traditional ( no lynx or reds)  and non-tradional( i.e. lynx,torties, red) lines

We have a contract that includes a health guarantee, and all  of our pet quality kittens are spayed/neutered before they go to your home.

Our kittens are vet checked, FelK and FIV free,   wormed, and  vaccinated before leaving our house at approximately 12 to 14 weeks of age.. By this time they are properly socialized, use litter appropriately, are on solid food, and are comfortably weaned from their mom.

   Before we breed any of our cats, we consider type, lines, pattern, general birth history of the mother, and quality of previous litters.  We are not out to overbreed and  produce just a "pet".. We want to improve on our lines, improve the look of our cats, and our breedings should reflect that goal.  We show our cats and kittens, so see that they are up to standard, and even though we don't sell breeders often, we hope to have breeder/show quality in our litters.  Producing a lot of "pet quality" kittens does not improve our ragdolls. .

If you visit many breeders' sites, you will see that  some breeders have their own "look".  When you like a particular kitten/cat, you probably like that breeders goals. We at Romantic Rags work in that direction.  Our cats have a certain "look".. Right now it comes from our Foundation Lines, KimsDolls, RacinRags, Cherryhill, to name a few.  Hopefully it will continue in our  RomanticRags lines.

We do welcome  visitors, but by appointment only.. Visitors are not allowed if there are un vaccinated kittens in the house.

We will hold  a kitten from a litter with a deposit ( non refundable - but transferable to another litter)  We cannot hold a kitten without a deposit - this assures that you are seriously interested in a RomanticRags baby.

We want to thank our wonderful mentor, Kim Balas of KimsDolls for all the time and advice she has helped us with over the years.. She is a wonderful, knowledgeable breeder, and also a good friend. Thank you for entrusting us with  your cats and kittens.  You are our first  call when we want advice on breeding, or anything "ragdollish"..

Please visit our other pages to see some pictures of our current and past cats and kittens


 Ch. Foss Mtn. Lana Turner of Romantic Rags and  Ch. RomanticRags Melody of FossMtn


You can surely find a kitten for less money than what some of us charge, but 


If you are looking  for an inexpensive  Ragdoll, please keep in mind quality is not expensive .  It is priceless. Our ragdolls are healthy, well socialized, vet checked.. You may find a less expensive kitten, but you won't find a quality kitten like you will from a reputable, registered breeder who belongs to TICA, CFF,CFA, ACFA. We take the time to research health, pedigrees, and make sure our cats and kittens are up to the Ragdoll Standard. We work with each other to advise, share experiences, and produce healthy cats. We are aware of health issues like FeLK, HCM, and FIP and are happy to share information. We make sure to early spay/neuter when it is available though our vets  to eliminate unethical "breeders" from getting our cats and breeding them.

E Mail to  for information

or phone

Kathy Figueiredo

781 447 6779


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