Ragdolls to Capture Your Heart

RomanticRags Audrey Hepburn.

is the daughter of Db. Ch. SerenityRags Beau and Ch. RacinRags Twilight Talledega

A beautiful seal mitted girl.. She loves to play fetch, and all of her kittens seem to also inherit that trait.. She is a love..



Db. Gr. Champion, Cherryhill Blossom

(thanks to Margaret Trahan's hard work) is our beautiful blue bi color.. She is a giant girl, that is just a love and giant purrball.  Thank you Margaret for entrusting me with this beauty.. We love her, and think you are the greatest!!


RomanticRags Greta Garbo

is the daughter of Blossom and Beau.  She will be hopefully having her first litter in 2008.  I know a couple of people are waiting for these kittens. Thanks for being patient!!




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Kathy Figuieredo