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RomanticRags Brimley- our Bogie/Bacall baby who is now a therapy pet               


When you do visit a cattery here are some things you should keep in mind.

  1. Most catteries do not approve of visiting more than one cattery per day. If there happened to be any ��health problems�" with a cattery that you just visited you could take that �health problem� into another cattery, putting those kings, queens and kittens at risk.
  2. Catteries may be unwilling to show you young kittens. The reason is that younger kittens may not have has their shots yet and to expose them is considered a health risk.
  3. You should definitely have an appointment when visiting a cattery. If you show up at a cattery unannounced you may be turned away.
  4. The handling of any cats or kittens in a cattery may or may not be allowed. Respect the breeder�s decision as they are only considering the cat�s health.
  5. A tour of the cattery may or may not be allowed. Again, this is usually a health driven decision a breeder makes. When you reduce the exposure of the cattery cats and kittens you also reduce the possibility of a future health problem.
  1. Ask Questions
    Since the purchase of a kitten is serious commitment; ask the breeder any questions you may think of. The only stupid question is the one that is not asked. Here is a simplified list of questions you may wish to ask:
  1. Is the kitten litter trained? What type of litter are you using?
  2. Is the kitten eating completely on his / her own?
  3. What type of food is the kitten currently on?
  4. Can you tell me about the temperament of the mother and father?
  5. What is the temperament of the kitten like? Will it �fit in� with my home?
  6. When should I bring the kitten to its next vet appointment?
  7. Has the kitten had exposure to other cats, dogs, or pets in general to aid in socialization?
  8. Was this kitten raised in a caged environment?
  9. Do you have any children that my kitten was exposed to?
  10. What vaccination schedule do you adhere too?
  11. Will you be available to provide me with guidance/support if I need it?
  12. Is there a health guarantee?

Reprinted from Ragdoll Cats - Your Complete Pet Guide 







Kathy Figueiredo