Ragdolls to Capture Your Heart


Reds are a "non traditonal" color.   They include the red, cream, torties, and torbies(which is the lynx overlay on the red. Red kittens remain white, and light for a much longer period than the traditional seal or blue kittens.  Red Ragdolls also always have blue eyes.

Reds can come in all patterns: mitted, bi color, colorpoint, and the lynx pattern (torbie).


We have included some examples of red ragdolls below      



Lucy and Rosiland


 Champion StoryDolls Mcduff

Of Irish Cottage


Rosiland's Mom Scarlett


Rosiland's brother Conan


Champion Lonerock Cisco

of OhMyDolls


Lucy at 6 months

Our Red Girls Pictured Below



Ch. CameoDolls I Love Lucy of RomanticRags

is mom to Spencer Tracy  below.  She was the Number 1 Red Mitted Ragdoll in CFF for 2006-2007.  She is a stunning girl. Look at those blue eyes and that coloring of her coat. McDuff (pictured above) is one of Lucy's ancestors. 



Kims Dolls Bette Davis

is a beautiful softly colored blue-cream girl, or tortie.  She is a very cuddly purr ball of a girl.. She would much prefer to be on my lap than anywhere else, and her kittens have proven to be of the same temperment.





At a few weeks old, we knew she was a beauty


RomanticRags Rosiland Russell

Rossie  has personality plus!!  She is our own seal tortie.   Outgoing, friendly, loves to run, play , chase, and then cuddle up with me!! Her very favorite activity is to jump up on the fireplace screen, and watch TV.. Yes.. for an hour or more at a time, she will sit and watch the tv.. It is her own personal entertainment. Her brother "Conan" is mentioned in a letter from his owner on our Guestbook Page.. This was a wonderful litter of red and  torties... Their mom RomanticRags Scarlett is now retired.

Update;  Rosiland went to her first show and out of 8 rings over 2 days, she finaled (came up in the top 10) 6 times.. Even once in an allbreed ring!! We are very proud of our baby..

A red prince in waiting

 Lucy and Beau's Son - RomanticRags Spencer Tracy

Here is is at 12 weeks old - BBBig Boy



Spencer attended his first show 12/1 - 12/2, and did very well!!

He finaled over both days, and even was No. 4 in an Allbreed final. 

And the only ragdoll in that final.  For his first show, he was wonderful.



Kathy Figuieredo